Coaching Services

Coaching sessions offer time completely dedicated to yourself. Within sessions you are encouraged to open your mind and focus on what is important to you, which ultimately accelerates your confidence, productivity and success. Coaching is an empowering experience that will aid you in identifying the changes you need to make to become the person you want to be.

Individual Life Coaching

As the coach, we will work alongside you; you set the end goal, the direction and the pace. We will walk alongside you to aid you in new thinking, gaining powerful ideas and finding the answers you need to achieve your goals. We respect and trust that you know your own answers, even at times when you believe you don’t. All coaching sessions are led by you, so we won’t try to tell you how it is for you.

We offer coaching sessions in the privacy of a peaceful, relaxed and confidential room at Village Therapies, 2, Carriers Fold, Church Road, Wombourne, WV5 9DH. Alternatively we offer coaching sessions via Skype/Zoom or telephone which bring just as much benefit as face to face sessions.

Are you ready to find your potential to shine?

If the answer is yes, then contact us to discuss your requirements. From there we will schedule a 45 minute initial consultation for free. Within this consultation we will discuss your background, goals, expectations and ensure we can work well together. This consultation is really important to ensure our coaching style is most suitable for your needs and that coaching is the right way forward for you. After this consultation, you decide whether this is the right path for you. If it is, we will agree the frequency, amount and format of sessions, and will schedule the first session from there.

What our life coaching clients say:

“Jess has helped me make progress in an incredibly difficult period in my life. I was first adamant no one could help me but I put my trust in Jess, where in sessions she was kind, empathetic and offered a powerful route to help. The NLP techniques have offered me a great tool to change my thinking about certain things and act more confidently” (IT Apprentice)

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done so far. It has already changed my life. I described it to my brother as ‘undoing the knots’.” (Journalist)

“Having never done anything like this before I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I am really pleased with the results. Jess took time to understand and clarify what I was trying to achieve. Some of the coaching tools seemed strange at first, but they really worked. Even after the first session I was able to apply what we’d done to help my situation. I’ve definitely achieved what I was looking for when I started the process.”
(Financial Controller)

“I really cannot thank Jessica enough for the help throughout all the time she has been my coach. I was initially sceptical about what benefits a life coach such as Jessica could provide, but I’m extremely happy to now look back and say how wrong those doubts were. At a time where I struggled with confidence and motivation; both in terms of employment and generally, Jessica allowed me to analyse everything within my life piece by piece. After getting used to the setting and environment of the sessions, it allowed me to express my feelings and thoughts in the session more openly; as I felt safe knowing that Jess would respect and value every worry; no matter how small. This let me enjoy the sessions personally and I genuinely looked forward to each session. The targets gave me something to work towards in between sessions, which only helped to motivate me to improve more.
Jess is an exceptional coach, being both very passionate about her subject area as well as being extremely easy to speak to; listening to my problems well and is clearly motivated by making trying to help others.
I would highly recommend Jess to anyone feeling that they would like to further themselves, either in their work or personal life.”  (Finance Graduate)

“I would like to thank Jess so much for all of her help with our son. He loved every session that he had with her, after being very skeptical at the start and insisting he’d only try one session. He came out of that first session with such a big smile on his face and chatted and laughed with me all the way home.
I can’t say I know what the sessions comprised of as he has not told me and I didn’t ask but he is no longer scared or confused about his life.
He has made massive progress and we’re so very grateful to Jess for that. I would highly recommend you work with her.”  (A-Level Student)

“Jess helped me change my life. I was depressed, anxious and felt exhausted with not knowing what to do in my life. But Jess gave me the tools I needed to deal with life. I developed the confidence to apply for University and the sessions made me realise I could believe in myself. I would recommend her services to anyone feeling lost or confused.”  (Photographer)