We offer online coaching sessions, and face to face coaching sessions in Wolverhampton to help you develop a mindset for success in your personal and professional life. If you are feeling stuck, unsure of what direction you are moving in and perhaps want to develop a mindset of confidence, happiness and success, you’re in the right place! Take a look around, discover more about the coaching we deliver and get in touch to chat about starting your coaching journey today.

Online coaching

“I was not prepared for really amazing results in such a short space of time; I cast off beliefs about myself that I’ve held on to for my entire life, I’ve learned tools that have transformed my relationships in both my professional life and my personal life, my values are crystal clear and am about to embark on a new career that is completely aligned with my beliefs and values! Thank you Jess, all the self-help books in the world could not have got me to this point so quickly!”

If you were to implement these three things in your life, where might you be?




Coaching enables you to actively look at yourself from a different perspective to gain clarity on where you are today and where you’d like to be. It can help you focus on a variety of parts; your wellbeing, your mindset, your future, your habits, your goals, your success, your happiness, what you’d like to change, your career, your relationships, your confidence, your identity, your motivation and your behaviour.

Perhaps you have taken on a new role in your organisation, you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to devote your focus, feeling out of your depth in meetings, struggling to manage your team and generally feeling unsure about whether this is the right role for you. Or maybe you’re feeling stuck in your life knowing you need to make a change but feeling unsure where or what that involves.

Whatever it is that you’re feeling stuck about, we work with you to take a step back and assess the key areas in which you require change and improvement, explore what needs more time and dedication, and discover how you can achieve these changes and improvements successfully. Options are innovated and ways to move forward are recognised and implemented through achievable action plans to see the changes you desire.

Jessica is a mindset coach and NLP Master Practitioner working with you to enable you to get out of your own head, create a mindset to achieve success and take action to move forward in your life. Jessica thrives off working with people, helping them challenge their beliefs and make positive changes across their lives. Qualified in coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which means we work with you to find a way forward to achieve your goals, create options, find and enhance your inner strengths, model and create the effective behaviour you want for your personal and/or professional life.

We deliver coaching for individuals seeking mindset coaching for personal confidence and life direction, and for managers & leaders who want to enhance their presence within their roles and lead effectively.