Much of our coaching work with our clients is based on using coaching tools and techniques that enable people to think differently and find solutions. Here are a few free resources for you to utilise yourself:

6 Human Needs model was developed by Tony Robbins and focuses on 6 key areas of fulfilment. When going through change, we can assess these 6 key areas to see where we need more or less fulfilment and become clearer on what we can do to achieve that. For example, you may have taken on a new role at work which is bringing many responsibilities, making you feel like your ‘significance’ need is a little too high. So you may think about; what you can do to alleviate some of the responsibility and who can support you. The answers to these questions will help you formulate clear actions to take forward.

Based on principles of Positive Psychology, the gratitude list is a quick, simple and effective way to lift mood and increase positive thinking. Just list 5 things you’re grateful for today, you can make these as simple or detailed as you’d like. If you have more time you could extend these 5 things to 10. Do this in the morning and keep the list with you throughout your day so that you can look at it should you need a little reminder. And remember, you can list anything, big or small- as long as it gives you that positive sense of feeling grateful.

Would you like to know a little more about how you understand and interpret the world around you? When we know more about ourselves it helps us understand others better and communicate more effectively. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are the three main senses we use to understand information. The download above is a questionnaire to assess which of the three senses you prefer to use the most and what this says about your learning experience. Use your learning style to gain the most out of your learning and your communication.