A huge focus in many of my clients’ sessions recently has been productivity. Many of us have been working from home for a whole year (can’t quite believe that!) and naturally this means our day-to-day routines have changed. We may not have a commute in the morning/after work, meaning we have extra time in our day. You may well have noticed yourself working during what would have been your commuting time, because of course working
For the last 18-months, I have been coaching people in difficult times in an environment where not many people would expect coaching to happen- in prison. Due to lockdown and the prevention of spreading the virus, I’ve been unable to work there for the last two weeks and it’s unlikely I’ll be working there over the next few weeks/months/who really knows! My understanding from my own experience during this time of uncertainty and that I
We are all currently experiencing great changes to our everyday lives, whether that may be having to work from home, spending 24/7 in the house alone or with loved ones, or generally feeling less connected with the world due to social distancing. With all of this concentrated time in the house on our hands, here are some ideas on how to best utilise our time, to keep ourselves focused, energised and mentally well. Call friends

3 Tips for Creating Goals

Posted by jessicashieldscoaching on  14/01/2020
Category: Wellbeing
Whether you’re an organised wizard who creates, plans and sets goals in great detail ready for the new year, or someone who has a rough idea of the goals they’d like to achieve and feel they’ll work towards them at their own pace, it can be highly effective to have a focus on the success we want to achieve. As a coach, I would of course argue that we can do this at any time

Lessons from my dog

Posted by jessicashieldscoaching on  30/08/2019
Category: Wellbeing
Learning how to manage stress, all inspired from dog training lessons! We rescued Hans last August, and little did we know we were inviting a disobedient, shoe-eating pup into our lives. After coming home to various chewed up objects around the house, we decided there was certainly a need for dog training to help Hans become calmer, more settled and better behaved both inside the house and on his walks. Not only was he feeling
I’ve always been motivated by the theories behind Positive Psychology, and use many of its core principles and practical techniques in my coaching. Many of my other blog posts feature tips for readers which promote Positive Psychology in practice, and the results are inspiring. So, I wanted to share something else which I’ve always been interested in and practice a lot, which is ‘Affirmations’. I first came across affirmations from conversations with friends who use
From deciding what to have for lunch, to deciding how and where to best spend budget; we all make decisions in different ways. Some of us are quite comfortable making decisions ‘on the spot’ with little time to think and instead we act on our feelings, and focus on the outcomes of this decision, usually worrying about any problems later when they arise. When we choose our lunch, we simply pick the first thing that

Take the indoors, outdoors

Posted by jessicashieldscoaching on  19/07/2019
Category: Wellbeing
Utilise the outdoors to have those important conversations. The impact of being outside, in fresh air with plenty of space enables us to relax and open our minds to explore. Last month was ‘Stress Awareness Month’, meaning you probably received emails about resources and support in your organisation to help when you feel stressed, there may have been a greater focus on employee wellbeing for the month and you may have taken part in activities

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